Korean Thrash Attack:
METHOD Live in Hong Kong

Headliner: METHOD
Agressive Thrash Metal from Korea

踏於典型與極端之間灰色界線上的Thrash Metal,原始而具美感,從來是最受歡迎的metal音樂,二十多年歷史間已經過不知多次進化與變化。韓國的METHOD,將新派thrash metal的前衝與重型和舊式thrash的爽快鮮明兩種精髓結合,再加進北歐金屬的交響與新古典,首張大碟"Survival ov the Fittest"已是獨一無二的現代thrash metal傑作,快、狠、重、美而變幻莫測。難得的thrash metal樂團來港演出,無論是喜愛THE HAUNTED、HATESPHERE、THE FORSAKEN等當代thrash,或是追求SLAYER、DARK ANGEL、TESTAMENT、DESTRUCTION的'80 thrash,他們的演出,沒理由錯過:這是個絕大遺憾。

Even since the first day popularity of thrash never drops. Stepping on the border of the accesible "classic" and aggressive "extreme", the best of the two worlds are all inside. Twenty years has passed since day one. Nowadays the revealing new-wave thrash metalheadss that fight in forlorn to bring up once again the golden-age of thrash metal by mixing together the primary old-school basis with the flow of the new wave. Here comes METHOD to bring the thrash metal into another level. By combining characteristics of the twin guitar harmonic-parts, consistent melodies from solid and evolving performing style of the instrumental music, and by fixing the root as main basis, these Korean masters bring to you the kind of thrash you never experienced. No matter you are into new-school thrash like THE HAUNTED, HATESPHERE, THE FORSAKEN or the old-school of SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, , TESTAMENT and DESTRUCTION, METHOD is the band you cannot miss. Especially rarely there is a thrash metal band in town to rock!

Hong Kong Melodic Death Metal

DISMAL PROPHECY是支香港的明星組合:成員包括ex-HERMETIC SILENCE/ex-DEPARTING CROSS的Dan及DEPARTING CROSS的謙,已是本地極端金屬界中家傳戶曉的名字。在極端音樂中找到共識,二人在2005年末組成了DISMAL PROPHECY,嘗試在death metal、thrash與旋律美之中找尋新的出路。家中自製的"Awakened"和"Masquerade"自06年初起先後公開,再建立自己的排練錄音室,認真製作屬於自己的音樂。DISMAL PROPHECY的第一次本地表演,便是在TRHK METHOD演唱會擔任開場嘉賓!

Dismal Prophecy (DP) is a Hong Kong death metal band with a blend of melodic and thrash element. Formed in winter 2005, founding members include Dan (ex-HERMETIC SILENCE and ex-DEPARTING CROSS) and Him (DEPARTING CROSS), all are local metal veterans. First song "Awakened" was released in Spring 2006, and a more melodic piece "Masquerade" followed. Both are home-made demos. At the same time of "Masquerade" the rehersal studio of DP was finally established. The first local gig will be the opening for METHOD in this TRHK concert. And the rest is yet to come...

METHOD歷史與試聽 METHOD Bio & Trial Listen:
DISMAL PROPHECY Bio & Trial Listen:

METHOD Live in Hong Kong Info

日期 Date:September 29 2006 "The Last Friday of Sept" 06年9月29日 九月最後一個星期五

時間 Time:7:00pm - 9:30pm (METHOD play time: 1.5 hour!)

地點:Philippine Islands Restaurant & Pub(香港灣仔謝菲道68-82號恆信大廈 (Hang Shun Mansions)地庫)
Venue: Philippine Islands Restaurant & Pub (Basement of Hang Shun Mansions, 68-82 Jaffee Road , Wanchai, Hong Kong)

場地電話 Venue Phone:35831821
查詢電話 Enquiry:98675737(Mr. Lau 劉Sir)
*No Outside Drink & Food Allowed, Staff Will Check Bags*
**No Alcohol For Metalheads Under 18**

票價 Price:預售 Advance $100 / 即場 Walk-In $130
Ticket end can be used as a $20 coupon when shopping in TRHK!
(each purchase uses 1 coupon at max)
Each ticket comes with 1 free compilation sampler (first come first serve!)

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Trinity Records Hong Kong

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No Dayoffs on September 20th & 27th, Open Everyday Until the Concert!!!

查詢 Enquiry:
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 Trinity Records Hong Kong: http://www.trinityrecords.com.hk
 TRHK@MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/trinityrecordshongkong

METHOD - Survival ov the Fittest
METHOD - Survival ov the Fittest
Available soon at Trinity Records Hong Kong

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