Tomahawk Metal Fest III
Quixotik Live in Hong Kong

Quixotik (Japanese Mathcore)


Darkness Pool (Neo-Thrash Metal)
Shepherds The Weak (Metalcore)
Elysium (Grind Death Metal)

演出資料 Show Info

日期 Date:7月11日星期六 July 11 2009 (Saturday)

時間 Time:7:00p.m. - 11:00p.m.

地點: 蒲吧(西灣河聖十字徑2號 協青社大樓室內場館)
Venue: Hang-Out (1/F, 2 Holy Cross Path, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong)

票價Ticket Price:預售Advance $108 / 即場Door $130

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主將 Headliner: Quixotik
日本技術派摩登金屬 Japanese Mathcore

日本的死亡金屬樂隊Infected Malignity曾經紅極一時,到到美國和歐洲表演多次,更獲海外著名音樂雜誌包括Kerrang!、Decibel及Terrorizer等予以好評。為尋求進一步突破,眾成員組成新樂團Quixotic,在Cephalic Carnage等的技術派死亡金屬中,結合The Dillinger Escape Plan式的現代顛覆手法。Korn和Jonathan Davis Band的結他手Shane Gibson這樣形容他們的音樂:「Quixotik將搖滾、重金屬、前衛、原音和反常節奏合成一幅堅固音牆。不論從那個音樂角度理解,他們的音樂都令人讚嘆。」

Quixtoik was formed by the members of one of Japan’s most promising death metal band, INFECTED MALIGNITY, who was constantly touring the US and Europe and have been praised by such high profile metal publications like Kerrang!, Decibel, Terrorizer. Realizing that they need new ground for their expanding creativity, they formed Quixotic. According to Shane Gibson of Korn and Jonathan Davis Band, "Quixotik is a massive soundscape, combining aspects of metal, rock, acoustic, progressive, and rhythmic insanity that cannot be denied as anything but impressive, regardless of musical preference." Their name represents the combination of technical prowness of renowned bands like The DIllinger Escape Plan, Cephalic Carnage and contemporary metal acts.

樂隊網頁 Band Websites:

Quixotik Video Section

《Farewell to Depression》

《When the Spite Changes》

《When the Spite Changes》Live Drum Camera

《Cold Masks of Steel》

《Cold Masks of Steel》Live Drum Camera

《Your Supremacy is Only an Illusion》

《Self Conceit Super Hero》

Interesting Bonus Track:
《I Don't Want to Miss a Thing》(Aerosmith cover)

香港樂隊 Hong Kong Supporting Acts

Darkness Pool: 現代鞭擊金屬 Neo-Thrash Metal

成立近三年之Darkness Pool,五位成員不同音樂取向的性質,衍生「各種重型音樂集中點」之特別團名,其中有hardcore、重金屬和力竭聲嘶的演唱,在短期間已成為本地大受歡迎的實力派樂隊!

Hong Kong’s DARKNESS POOL was formed last November 2006 and is consists of 5 members with varied musical influences. They describe their music as a “pool of heavy sound” hence the name Darkness Pool. Their songs contain a wide variety of elements ranging from hardrock to metal, and with wild, powerful vocal deliveries. This is one band that will surely appeal to anyone who’s a lover heavy music. Catch them live and experience it yourself!

樂隊網頁 Band Websites:

Darkness Pool Video Section

Awarded Heartbeat Band Competition 2007 performance

《Burying Alive》
Lingnan University Muso Annual Performance 2009


《The Death》Live

Shepherds The Weak: 硬蕊金屬 Metalcore

多年前一支本地的菲裔Milk N Cookies名堂出道時已技驚四座,在2005年初遺憾解散後,成員改組成六人Shepherds The Weak再戰江湖,Lamb of God式的metalcore和超活躍台風大獲人心,06年自資發行EP《Strength in Numbers》後簽約本地hardcore廠牌Start From Scratch Records,更被喻為香港最佳現場演出金屬樂團之一!

The loud, abrasive and in-your-face world of Shepherds The Weak was unleashed upon Hong Kongs underground in Jan 2005 through the demise of a well-respected local band called Milk N Cookies. The new 6-piece line-up plays a very powerful kind of metal infused hardcore. Before signing to Start From Scratch Records, Shepherds The Weak released an independent EP entitled Strength in Numbers in June 2006. Come and witness one of the best local live acts!

樂隊網頁 Band Websites:

Shepherds The Weak Video Section

Shepherds The Weak Live@Pier Pressure, 20080329 Hong Kong Part 1

Shepherds The Weak Live@Pier Pressure, 20080329 Hong Kong Part 2

Elysium: 殘酷死亡金屬 Grind Death Metal

這支年青樂團,風格是香港罕見的殘酷死亡金屬,歌曲殘暴而爆炸力驚人,歌手更是香港難得能完全熟練地運用死亡金屬中「豬叫」和「嘔泥」等極端唱腔之人,是本地新一代中最佳死亡金屬樂隊!在2008年10月的第一場Tomahawk Metal Fest中首次演出後,今年Tomahawk Metal Fest 3以改組擴充陣容,同時帶來更多的全新作品,再為大家帶來精彩演出!

A very young yet talented local act, playing a very rare kind of Grinding Death Metal in Hong Kong. Solely the demos released online already earned them the acclaim of "best local Extreme Metal new comer". Then they gave their debut performance in the first Tomahawk Metal Fest in October 2008. Now with an improved and expanded lineup plus more original songs, Elysium is coming to crush every skull again with their brutal sonic assault!

樂隊網頁 Band Websites:

Rare massive underground event in Hong Kong!
Do spread the news!

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9867.5737 / Mr. Lau 劉Sir